Hosted Servers

With Network Logic's Cloud Servers, you can access your data and applications from the internet rather than having them housed on-site at your office. Select the package that fits your needs and we'll provide the server, the operating system, and the anti-virus software, and we'll monitor and manage them for you 24x7x365.

Network Logic's Virtual Cloud Servers provide businesses with all the advantages of managed cloud servers, including on-demand availability, flexibility and scalability, but without the complex pricing structures and hidden costs..


  • Powered by the Cloud - Cloud computing offers new possibilities. Business owners are finding it takes little or no capital outlay to 'get' their business applications into the cloud. Plus, it is easy for users to access services like data backup, accounting software and other custom applications.
  • Predictable Expenses - Say goodbye to expensive hardware, out-of-date operating systems, and large electricity bills. Our cloud server rates are affordable and simple to understand - choose a plan that fits both your budget and needs.
  • Anywhere Access - Employees can access systems using a web browser, enabling them to work anywhere.
  • Security - Network Logic provides superior security and redundancy measures to protect you data and ensure business continuity so you no longer have to worry about on-site disasters.
  • Maintenance - Network Logic provides proactive monitoring, daily backups and automated security patches so you can focus on running your business.
  • Scalability - Match your server needs with your ongoing business needs - increase or decrease computer resources when business demand dictates.
  • Reliability - Network Logic cloud services providers have built a strong reputation as a trusted service provider for businesses throughout Texas and the United States. Our cloud services delivers 100% data center infrastructure and network uptime guarantees in its service level agreements. Couple this with 24x7x365 cloud computing support for superior reliability



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