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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Statistics show that most business that lose their data from a disaster are out of business within a few months. The single most important thing you can do to protect your business from disaster is to have a good Disaster Recovery Plan. Whether it is a natural disaster such a hurricane or tornado or a network disaster such as a server crashing or a thief stealing your equipment. You should have a plan in place to not only protect your data but insure business continuity.
disaster recovery
Network Logic has developed industry leading Disaster Recovery Solutions that will give you the peace of mind you need that all of your systems and your information is safe and secure. We can customize a solution for you that includes local backup solutions, business continuity solutions as well as cloud based offsite backup solutions.
Image Based Backup Solution that allows server snapshots every 15 minutes.
Full system restores in as fast as 30 minutes!
Ability to virtualize a production server on the local BDR appliance in the event of server outage.
Automatic local test virtualizations are performed over the wire to the storage cloud or via shipping a hard drive to the storage cloud facility.
Offsite images are automatically validated for data security once received at the cloud storage.
Any missing or corrupted chains are automatically re-sent to the storage cloud at the next scheduled interval.
Ability to easily virtualize production servers in the cloud in the event of a total site outage.
Includes 10 hours of virtual lab time each month allowing technicians to virtualize a server in a cloud lab environment for proof of concept testing.
VmWare server solution for local virtualizations allowing for better flexibility and support.
Disaster recovery solutions

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