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Does your hardware feel like a “Ball & Chain”?

Network Logic is in the business of making technology predictable and manageable. You can’t achieve this without standardization! Many businesses find the cost of new hardware unpredictable and hard to justify. Don’t let your existing small business PC stand in the way of success! Network Logic makes technology predictable by combining our support services and computer hardware into one easy to manage flat fee monthly payment. We take the guess work out of technology budgeting. One number you can take to the bank!


Immediately Standardized
Easy to Budget
Keep your Cash
An Operating Expense NOT a Capital Expense
New Equipment Every 3 Years
Easy to Grow & Scale

Why hardware is a terrible investment!

Why would you invest your hard earned cash into an asset that depreciates to nothing over 3 years? Many businesses fall into the trap of only investing in new hardware when they absolutely need it. This leads to a mismatched mess of non-standardized computer hardware that is impossible to manage and support. Ultimately, you pay in lost productivity. Your most valuable asset is CASH, invest it in something that will grow your business like people. Traditional capital leases reflect on your balance sheet as debt. This can have a negative impact on future decisions or valuations. Network Logic’s Technology Assurance program is unique and different from capital leases in that it provides you an easy way to obtain your hardware and support as one easy to budget monthly “Operational” expenditure. Set your business up for success!
Small Business PC
Small Business PC

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